Goat breeds: Poitevine

Goat breeds: Poitevine

Origin and diffusion

Goat breed native to central-western France. Also known as the Poitou goat (from the homonymous region of origin) it is a breed very bred in France. The cheeses produced with its milk are very famous. Dairy production is good. The breast is regular with well developed nipples.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: average.
Head: triangular, with ears carried forward and well developed horns.
Pile: long and brown in color, darker on the head, withers and back, lighter towards the limbs. Belly, throat, lower part of the ears and distal part of the limbs of whitish color. Pigmented mucous membranes. Well developed trunk with deep chest
Height average:
- Males a. 75-90 cm
- Females a. 70-80 cm
Weight average:
- Males a. kg. 60-80
- Females a. 40-65

Goat of Poitou or Poitivine breed (photo

Goat and goat of Poitou or Poitivine breed

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