Goat breeds: Sardinian Primitive

Goat breeds: Sardinian Primitive

Origin and diffusion

The primitive Sardinian breed, with regard to geographical distribution, is prevalently present in Ogliastra and in part in the Sulcis-Iglesiente, Sarrabus-Gerrei and Nuorese regions. The Sardinian primitive goat breed in 2005 was included in the registry of goat breeds with D.M. n. 21206 of March 8, 2005.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Height at the withers: 70 cm in females and 81 cm in males;
Height at the cross: 70 cm in females and 79 cm in males;
Height at the insertion of the tail: 54 cm in females and 61 cm in males;
Croup length: 23 cm in females and 26 cm in males.

They are animals with a prevalent aptitude for the production of milk for dairy processing even if the production of meat takes on considerable importance, represented almost exclusively by the dairy goat. As far as the breeding system practiced in the farms is concerned, the flock is mainly managed with traditional extensive techniques.

Sardinian Primitive (photo from the CONSDABI archive)

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